Our company "Niraj Ispat Industries Limited." was originally incorporated as public limited company on August 19th,1985 under the provisions of the Companies Act 1956 with Registrar of Companies, Delhi. The company came with the IPO (Initial Public Offer) in the year 1986-1987. The CIN (Corporate Identification Number ) of the company is L27106DL1985PLC021811. Presently, the registered office of the company is situated at 5140/41/34 CHAUDHRY MARKET, GALI PETI WALI, Rui Mandi, SADAR BAZAR, DELHI-110006. The company is currently listed with Delhi Stock Exchange Limited. The Main Object of the company are:

1. To carry on the business of manufacturers, buyers, sellers, importers, exporters, of clothing accessories jute and its products like gunny bags, hessian, textiles, including cotton, woolen, nylon, polyester, art silk, readymade garments, hosiery and mixed fabrics, agriculture products, and to act as purchasers and sellers the above referred commodities and merchandise.

2. To purchase or otherwise deal in real estate, lands, houses, buildings, sheds and other fixtures on land and buildings and to let them out on rent, contract or any other agreement as may be deemed fit or to buy and sell lands, house apartments and to carry on the business of builders, surveyors, bricks, sanitary goods and tiles, lime burners, ship breakers, houses and estate agents.

3. To carry on all or any of the business of financiers (not amounting to banking business) of industrials, commercial and other enterprises and general financiers, subject to Banking Regulations Act,1949.

4. To carry on the business of commission agents, brokers, factors, consultants, representatives, and middlemen of real estate, iron, and steel, food grains, chemicals, jute, tea, cotton and textiles, exports and a guarantee house.